The Beginning

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Recce ON – we are close to lands those happen in a story. A story of a man and a dog, a dog and a man, a man-dog, a dog-man, a manly-dog, a dogly-man all in a pit of cinema.

It all started with a conversation over phone.

Debu and Surya ( convinced me to think of this story as a film. Maybe in July 2017. The trigger was consequential, in a sense that I quit my corporate job and started re-reading ‘A dog dies’.

By Dec 2017, here we are, smelling locations and eating faces. The belief of working with non-actors confronted some doubts. But the thought of framing a face which did not organically belong to this place appeared improper.


For almost a month now, it has been a bumpy ride to somnolent villages in the periphery of these open cast coal mines. While the story has rooted itself in these lands, the faces to tell it are still eluding.

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