We are a group of friends interested in cinema. Having worked in different spheres to sustain a living, we intermittently come together to dream.

Of the numerous dreams, one such dream is ‘A Dog And His Man’.

Our Team

Siddharth Tripathy

A cinematographer by qualification, Siddharth is a lazy dreamer in his elements. Having worked in projects of rural development and sustainable agriculture he shares his time between Mumbai and Raigarh (CG).


Debabrata Tripathy

A marketing professional by mistake, Debu is more akin to slow cooking. He runs food-joints in Puri by the names Honeybee and Dipu’s Kitchen. Its over the lethargy of Puri and his cuisines that cinema happens.



Dr. Prabhat Tripathy

Noted Hindi poet and critic, Dr. Prabhat or PK is ‘life’ personified. In his prime at 76, he is all the more hopeful of enjoying creative endeavors like ‘A Dog And His Man’. And how does it matter that this excess shall drain his hard earned savings of life.



Dr. Amalendu Jyotishi

Eminent economist and academician, Amalendu, the lone tiger of the pack works as a remote inspiration through his sporadic but intense correspondence. He is a believer in ‘A Dog And His Man’ and many such dreams.